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Mitsuru, Fujii

Former Chief Leader of Headquarter plant, Toyota Motor Corporation (OB)

A hard-core craftsman on the shop floor who has supported the assembly group of the headquarter plant at the forefront. His strong feeling for the shop floor that he does not compromise attracts people. He has worked as a skill development group trainer and currently provides various shop floor trainings and guidance including the Toyota Production System.


Toyota Motor Corporation

1961  Joined the Toyota Motor Corporation
          Assigned to the First line of the Assembly department of the headquarter plant

1971  Improvement guidance for a cooperating company under the guidance of Mr. Taiichi Ohno

1977  Acquired the job training instructor license certified by Aichi Vocational Ability Development Association

1985  Chief Leader of Assembly department

1994  Support overseas (Quality and launching a new line)In Malaysia

2005  Provide trainings and guidance at Hirayama

Provide trainings for general new employees and guidance on the Toyota Production System


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