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Tadamasa, Ishigaki

Former Chief Leader of Headquarter plant, Toyota Motor Corporation (OB)

A hard-core craftsman on the shop floor who has supported the assembly group of the headquarter plant at the forefront. His strong feeling for the shop floor that he does not compromise attracts people. He has worked as a skill development group trainer and currently provides various shop floor trainings and guidance including the Toyota Production System.


Toyota Motor Corporation

  • ・Vehicle assembly of small truck and large truck

  • Special vehicle (Mega cruiser, LPG coaster, Assembly of camping car)

  • In charge of human resource development for special skills in the Assembly Department

  • Hirayama
    Aim to create a strong shop floor through the development of human resources who will be the core of improvement activity based on the TPS method to improve productivity

    <Guidance achievement examples>

    Confectionery manufacturer, Enzymes for food and medicine manufacturer, Seal product manufacturer, Fiber products manufacturer, Japanese and western confectionery manufacturer

    <Training Center>

    As a head of trainers at Training Center, teaching the Toyota Production System with the theme of “standardized work and improvement” to Japanese and international students.

    International improvement activity

    China, Thailand


    TJI trainer / Excellent job training instructor certified by Aichi Vocational Ability

    Development Association

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