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Susumu, Minegishi

Former Chief Leader of Headquarter plant, Toyota Motor Corporation (OB)

A hard-core craftsman on the shop floor who has supported the assembly group of the headquarter plant at the forefront. His strong feeling for the shop floor that he does not compromise attracts people. He has worked as a skill development group trainer and currently provides various shop floor trainings and guidance including the Toyota Production System.


Toyota Motor Corporation

1962  Joined the Toyota Motor Corporation
          Assigned to the Second line of the Assembly department of the headquarter plant

1983  Acquired TPS Trainer qualification

1987  Chief Leader of Assembly department

1988  Special skill instructor

1996   Launch of new assembly line

1998  Won the Gold prize for the Manager section of the headquarter QC Circle Activity

2003  Launched Hirayama Dojo

Provide trainings for general new employees and guidance on the Toyota Production System


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