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Tadashi, Mori

Former Chief Leader of Takaoka plant, Toyota Motor Corporation (OB)

A hard-core craftsman on the shop floor who has supported the Painting division of Takaoka plant at the forefront. He has experience of PMR (Plant Management Requirement) assessor at TMMC (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada). In addition, he provided various shop floor trainings and guidance as a Toyota Production System trainer.

He also has a wealth of improvement experience as a consulting TR for other companies.


Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Painting equipment maintenance work

  • Second total assembly division at the painting plant

  • Manufacturing of bumpers and instrument panels in the molding division

  • TPS Group
    TPS audit and promotion of change point management, quality assessment, PMR, etc.

  • Assigned to TMMC as PMR assessor
  • Hirayama
    Aim to create a strong shop floor through the development of human resources who will be the core of improvement activity based on the TPS method to improve productivity.

    <Guidance achievement examples>

    Precision equipment (stepper, lens), Meat industry (beef production, processing, sales) 8 Supermarkets, Machinery, Plant engineers, Equipment related, Precision equipment

    <Training Center>

    As a trainer, teaching the Toyota Production System with the theme of “standardized work and improvement” to Japanese and international students.

    International improvement activity



    Qualification of training instructor for “Toyota Production System, Standardized work and Improvement”

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