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toshio morishima

Toshio, Morishima

Denso OB, former plant manager of Denso Malaysia and former plant manager of Denso Brazil

Toshio Morishima has a wealth of experience including the management coordinator of the Denso Italy plant. A member of the Malaysia Japan Automotive Industries Cooperation (MAJAICO). He has abundant overseas experience. He speaks English so he does not need an interpreter.


He provides improvement guidance to local and Japanese companies in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, etc., across a wide range of industries, including automotive-related, electrical industry, and parts manufacturers etc.


  • Electrical System Engineering Division

  • Alternator Design Division

  • Overseas Engineering Division

  • Anjo plant

  • Denso Malaysia (Plant manager)

  • Denso Italy (Management coordinator)

  • Denso Brazil (Responsible for the plant production control)

  • Malaysia Japan Automotive Industries Cooperation


    Promotion of LPS (Lean Promotion System) and human resource development in the Malaysian automobile industry.


    Working as a shop floor improvement consultant

    International improvement activity

    CMalaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Italy, Brazil

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