Genba Kaizen Consultant

OBARA, Shigeyuki

Shigeyuki, Obara

RICOH Production Engineering Department

At Ricoh, he implemented improvement education for managers and general employees as a promotion leader of the productivity improvement project. He diagnosed each workplace, found problems, and implemented improvement activities at shop floor (achieved significant results, such as improving productivity, reducing lead time, and reducing inventory). After that, he was transferred to a consulting section for external companies, and conducted shop floor diagnosis and consulting for various industries.

As areas of specialty, regardless of the industry or business, he establishes shop floor improvements and realizes development of key personnel, improvement of quality and productivity, and reduction of lead time through the improvement activities.

Consulting achievement examples

Spring manufacturing plant
  • 145% improvement in production at manufacturing shop floor
  • Construction of cell production

  • Food factory
  • 138% improvement in production of the direct section
  • Implemented horizontal operation for all plants

  • Light bulb and LED manufacturing plant
  • 135% improvement in productivity of light bulb parts production line
  • Reduction of WIP (work in process) inventory

  • Housing equipment manufacturing plant
  • 132% improvement in productivity at manufacturing shop floor
  • Construction of streamlined production line

  • Medical refrigerator manufacturing plant
  • Construction of production line using carts for blood storage refrigerator production
  • Construction of parts storage

  • Control device parts manufacturing plant
  • Eliminate wastes and improve work of production control of the indirect section

  • Automobile air filter manufacturing plant
  • Improvement in productivity of production line / Promotion of 5S activity

  • Medical manufacturing plant
  • 140% improvement in productivity of infusion pack production line

  • Gel nail manufacturing plant
  • Construction of gel nail filling line / 145% of improvement in productivity

  • Bicycle parts manufacturing plant
  • Construction of cell production line from conveyor line
  • 135% of improvement in productivity
  • Automobile parts plating plant
  • Implemented 5S and line construction
  • Cost down 10 million yen per year

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