Hirayama Consulting Advantages


A group of real professionals - our consultants with their vast practical business experience have long advocated and practiced control and improvements in order to achieve overall cost reduction. They will provide a complete guidance while ensuring that employees of Genba feel reassured by imminent changes in their work place.


The consulting tools employed by HIRAYAMA Consulting have been vigorously tested and continuously improved through their use in numerous industries. We, therefore, are confident that we will be able to provide our clients with logically structured, effective guidance.


What happens in parallel to our guidance work at Genba is to encourage the culture of “nurturing people” that stems from our unwavering belief in human possibility. Once this culture takes roots, it will continue to flourish long after our work is completed.


From feeling duty-bound to being interested and excited: ‘making things’ or manufacturing does not have to be a dreary activity. By training people to change their point of view, actions and methods, the level of satisfaction they feel about their job will be elevated, which in turn will drive them to want to work harder and better.


“Smooth overall flow” is one of the main focal points of our work. Starting from planning, through procurement, manufacturing and distribution, to production control, it is absolutely crucial that all necessary elements are firmly in place and functioning properly.


We are fully aware from our past experience that to follow a process is very important in Kaizen activities. Streamlined, efficient Kaizen with no waste (Muda) is what we try to achieve with our clients.

The motto of Genba

Based on the principle of “Genchi, Genbutsu, Genba-shugi”, the belief that practical experience is valued over theoretical knowledge, we will devise a tailor-made programme that is suited to the Genba concerned and also acceptable by those who work there.

Treasure hunting

Our method of working strenuously avoids “faultfinding” but instead actively seeks out “clues to Kaizen”. By employing this method, our consultants are able to work very closely with employees on the shop floor.

Production technology and original technology

Most of our registered consultants are experts in the manufacturing industry who have necessary know-how in the various fields. These are the people whom you would like to consult when problems relating to original technology surface unexpectedly.

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