HIRAYAMA Consulting Business.
We show how to raise a company's potential power by transforming a work site by utilizing its Human Resources and Technology.

Dramatic Changes to Production
Genba and the Office Workplace
through the Implementation of TPS

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Having TPS (Toyota Production System) as a philosophy, the Kaizen Consultation process begins.

TPS aims to achieve high levels of quality and productivity as well as shorten lead times through the further improvement of the company's Genba Ability. It does this by eliminating of 7 Types of Waste, Just-in-Time and Automation, etc. HIRAYAMA has analyzed and systemized this method and is ready to offer consultation to various companies in the most effective manner by implementing the system within a limited time to produce substantial output.

With the Aim To Build the Ideal Monozukuri System

HIRAYAMA offers Kaizen to Various Genba.

Based on Key Elements of TPS such as, “Elimination of Waste” and “Just-in-Time”, we offer the appropriate training and proposals that lead to a substantial increase in output.

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Procedure for Consultation

1Visits by Coordinators

The process starts with an interview to define any problems and concerns the company may have.

2Full-Day Diagnosis

A dedicated consultant thoroughly examines the processes in the factory and/ or office work site to aid in the diagnostic process.

3Report on Diagnosis and Proposal

A plan is proposed based on the above diagnosis. The plan will consist of observations that may include Extraction of Problems, Solutions, and Expected Effects, etc.


Will proceed to the contract stage after negotiations have concluded.

5Consultation Begins

Dedicated consultants from Hirayama and work site members from your company will then organize a team to launch the plan.

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Various Seminars & Sevices

TPS Hands-On Training Workshops

“Standard Operation and Kaizen” Actual Operations using a Model Production Line

Instructors with actual experience serving as key players at Toyota Motors Production Genba will pass on the Monozukuri know-how, which Japan can be very proud of, at its unique facility. We help create professional managers who will lead the next Monozukuri generation.

Basic Philosophy of the Toyota Production System

▲ Steps for Kaizen

1 .The Goal of the TPS

  • Just-In-Time (Kanban)
  • Production Leveling
  • Autonomation
  • Built-in Quality
  • Manpower-Saving and
    Flexible Manpower Line

2.Problems and Solutions for Supervisors

  • Barriers when Implementing Kaizen at Work-sites.
  • The Purpose of Kaizen.

Factory Diagnosis & Kaizen at Work Site

A selected consultant who best serves the requirements visits and thoroughly examines in order to complete a factory diagnosis, then executes Kaizen at the work site. Proceeds to the extraction of any problems and submits proposals for solutions.


Experienced consultants with proven track records at Toyota Motors, Canon, and Sony, etc. act as trainers for the seminar from the viewpoint of actual work sites. An instructor will visit your company and perform Seminars pre-arranged per your request. The main chracteristic of our seminar is the combination of theory and practical examples.

Global Support

Overall support covering any Domestic and/or Overseas Expansion Plans is also available from our Global Consulting Base.

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HIRAYAMA-The Japan Tour

The Japan Kaizen Tour

Why Does “The Japan Kaizen Tour” Work for You?

The Toyota Production System is considered to be the final production control method, which has led Toyota to be the most competitive motor company in the world. Every company in the world today is interested in whether to implement the Toyota Production System to their system. We organized, “The Japan Kaizen Tour”, to see the current status of its place of birth, Japan
We offer seminars, on-site Kaizen training and companies visits where you can check the structure and management of the Toyota Production System.

Characteristics of “The Japan Kaizen Tour”
  • Training by Consultants with a Toyota Motors Background.
  • Seminars and Kaizen Training.
  • Case Examples
  • A Factory Tour
  • Small-Group Tours of under 20 Participants to Lead to Substantial Output.
Objectives of “The Japan Kaizen Tour”
  • To Study the Background and Structure of Toyota Production System
  • To Analyze and Solve any Problems Participants May have Together.
  • To Have a Tour of The World's Highest Level Factory.
  • To Learn About Japanese Culture and the Background of the Toyota Production System.
  • To Allow for Communication Between Fellow Seminar Members.

HIRAYAMA TPS Training Seminar


The Standard Plan Seminar and the Tailored Seminar

« The Philosophy of JIT Production System »

* Genba Oriented Management to make profit “The Utilization of TPS”
* Recommendation for “Adapting a Company's Production System” based on TPS
* An Outline of TPS - "JIT and Autonomation"

TPS Doujo-Work Shop

Hands-on Training using sample line “Standard operation & kaizen”

« TPS Trainers with Toyota Motors backgrounds will instruct at our unique Training Center ! »

« Outline »

Will actually experience the operations and observe the output at a Radiator Assembly Line.

Factory Tour


Companies visits

Experienced consultants with proven track records at Toyota Motors act as trainers for the seminar.The content combines theory with practical case examples, from the viewpoint of actual work sites.The Attendants will be trained at a unique HIRAYAMA facility, guided by the instructor who actually served as a key player at production Genba of Toyota Motors.

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Training Plan

Major Seminar Participants and Venue

  • « Seminar&Training at Japan »
    Daimler-Chrysler(Germany) Shermetyevo Airport Authorities(Russia) RUSAL(Russia) Development Yug(Russia) Foster’s Beer(Australia) DuPont(USA) Samsung(Korea) Hyundai(Korea) Harim(Korea)
  • « Industry » Automobiles/Construction/Supermarket/Foods(Ukraine) Steel/Construction/Automobiles/Machinery/Logistics/
    Transportation(China) Precision Machine(Taiwan) Electoronics(India) Foods / Construction / Automobiles / Machinery / Precision Machine / Chemical / Medicine / Hospital / Logicstics / Supermarket (Japan)
  • « Global Seminar Venue » USA, Russia, Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, India

※Various courses other than above listed are prepared to suit your favour.
Please contact us for further information

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