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Consulting in general

Q How different is Hirayama Consulting from other consulting firms?
A We produce management results through practical guidance. It is Hirayama style to solve problems jointly with the same view point of Genba (shop floor) of the client. It is not “faultfinding”, but Hirayama will change the management figures through the guidance to find out “points for Kaizen” concretely. The motto is “The principle of Genchi (on the spot), Genbutsu (actual item) and Genba (shop floor)”.
Q What would Genba Kaizen (shop floor reform) consulting do?
A We will achieve the target of Genba Kaizen within the contracted term and lead to upbringing personnel. As the staff is trained, the company culture for Kaizen will continue even after the consulting is over. Our consultants are the group of professionals engaged in management・Kaizen for cost reduction with rich practical experiences in each field.

Our consulting merit

Q What is the merit of using Genba Kaizen consulting?
A We conduct precise guidance through study of Genba objectively from outside point of view. Fixed concept from the past and barriers within the organization will be removed and the best Genba will be created. Also implementation of pacemakers for Kaizen activities and co-ordination of Kaizen vectors (effort) will be carried out
Q What kind of effects can be expected?
A The results will come out in a concentrated way within a predetermined period. The personnel of your company will gain the knowledge with the effect of lucrative operations.
Q In what kind of cases is Genba Kaizen consulting engaged?
A The typical case are when some company has unsolvable management problems by its own resources, when the know-how for Genba Kaizen is insufficient within in own company, when the cost reduction plan cannot be implemented smoothly and also when, although Kaizen program is carried out, it tends to get into mannerism and produces no results. For those cases, it needs to be guided for specialist knowledge by experts of unique technologies. We have many cases where we are asked for consulting for such cases.

Consulting fees

Q Tell us your system for consulting fees.
A Depending on the contents of request, a quotation will be submitted to you before consultation starts. For example, the range of fees is from Yen 200,000 to 500,000/day.

Consulting Flow

Q Tell us the sequence of receiving consultation.
A When we receive enquiry, our staff concerned will visit you. Then our consultant diagnoses you and reports you of the result. Based on our diagnosis, you will make the decision.

Consulting Schedule

Q Is it possible to receive meetings, training and seminar at week-ends and public holidays?
A Yes, if you cannot stop Genba for ordinary working days, you can utilize week-ends and holidays.
Q It will not be easy for us to arrange certain times for seminar.
A We will produce curriculum to suit client’s conveniences. It is also possible to arrange seminar over split days.

Examples and Consulting Cases

Q Tell us typical examples of success in the past.
A Regrettably we cannot disclose examples from the point of confidentiality agreement with our clients. We will tell you as example on-site of actual consulting


Q What sort of consultants should we select?
A We will dispatch a consultant(s) in the specific field to suit problems, issues and corporate culture of your company.


Q Is it possible to respond to our urgent need for cost down?
A Yes, it is possible to carry out Genba Kaizen in a concentrated way by plural number of consultants in order to produce the results within a short time. It is possible to respond to all kinds of issues such as enhancement of productivity, shortening lead times, reduction of inventory and quality.

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