Our team is composed of Professionals with experience obtained through work in the most representative Japanese Manufacturing Companies.

ITO, Akihiro

Process improvement consultant

He worked for JIT Institute, Tokyo for 20 years.( JIT: Just In Time). During this period, he has learned Just In Time philosophy and method of improvement of productivity in manufacturing plant. Continuously he has been engaged in effective introduction process of Production Management System to small and medium enterprise and even big enterprise.

Field of expertise
#Productivity improvement#Lead time reduction#Iot

Professional industry
#Automobile#Electric and electronic#Others

KOJIMA, Kazuhiro

Digital Innovation/Information Technology Design /Digital Transformation Consultant

Specialized consultancy in practical implementation of AI, RPA, Low-code, IoT, Data science and other cutting-edge technologies.
Education background: The University of Tokyo’s master degree

Field of expertise

Professional industry

AOYAMA, Matsuki

Former Motomachi Plant Section Chief, Toyota Motor Corporation (OB)

He has been involved in GPC since its establishment and has trained and mentored a wide range of personnel from new recruits to supervisors in overseas human resource development.

Field of expertise
#Human development#TPS trainer

Pushpakumara, Thilak

TPM and Lean Management Consultant

Thilak has trained more than 50,000 executives and managers at different levels of 300 leading organizations in Sri Lanka and overseas.
Institute of Lean Management (Pvt) Ltd- Founder & the CEO of the Institute of Lean Management (Pvt) Ltd,
TPM and Lean Management Consultant and the Managing Director of Lean Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Bangladesh.

Field of expertise
#Quality improvement #Cost reduction#Productivity improvement#Management improvement

Professional industry
#Automobile#Electric and electronic#Others

HAYASHIDA, Hiromitsu

Former deputy plant manager of Tahara plant, Toyota Motor Corporation (OB)

He provides improvement guidance in accordance with the actual conditions of each company based on the Toyota Production System. He can also provide guidance on improvement activities for entire plant including Production Engineering Department, Production Control Department, and Purchasing Department. He has a wealth of experience in guiding for plants in a variety of industries.

Paulo Ghinato

CEO & Senior Consultant

Paulo Ghinato holds a Ph.D. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Kobe University, Japan, and a M.Sc. Degree in Production Engineering and a B.Sc. Degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil. Ghinato has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing as an Executive, Specialist, Professor and Consultant.


Denso OB, former plant manager of Denso Malaysia and former plant manager of Denso Brazil

Toshio Morishima has a wealth of experience including the management coordinator of the Denso Italy plant. A member of the Malaysia Japan Automotive Industries Cooperation (MAJAICO). He has abundant overseas experience. He speaks English so he does not need an interpreter.

Field of expertise
#Productivity improvement#Management improvement#Others

Professional industry
#Automobile#Electric and electronic#Others


Ricoh Co. - Quality Control Divison Introduced Toyota Production System in Ricoh after training for five years in Motomachi Plant of Toyota Motor Co.

At Ricoh, he launched a Ricoh Production System based on the Toyota Production System.
After that, he instructed other industries, such as food and confectionery industry and medical industry etc., on the Toyota Production System.

Field of expertise
#Quality improvement #Cost reduction#Productivity improvement#Lead time reduction#Safety improvement #Iot#Others

Professional industry
#Architecture / Construction#White collar#Warehouse logistics#Medicine#Food#Others

SUZUKI, Mitsuru

Former Chief Leader of Vehicle Quality
Production Engineering Division at Toyota Motor Corporation (OB)

A hard-core craftsman on the shop floor who has supported the assembly group and company-wide vehicles BMC of the headquarter plant at the forefront. His strong feeling for the shop floor that he does not compromise attracts people. He has worked as a special skill trainer and currently provides various shop floor trainings and guidance including the Toyota Production System.

Field of expertise

ORITO, Tsutomu

Toyota Motor Corporation

(Manager, Production Control Dept. at Head office factory / GPC)


(Production Management Department / Logistics Management Department Manager Level)

Profit improvements (break away from the deficit) Upon customer’s requests, I have improved domestic and overseas companies, for examples, productivity improvement, quality improvement, products and parts inventory reduction, logistics cost reduction, production lead time reduction, and human resource development for shop floor staff etc.
I also conducted a wide range of seminar courses.

Field of expertise
#Quality improvement #Cost reduction#Productivity improvement#Lead time reduction#Human resources development

Professional industry
#Automobile#Warehouse logistics#Food#Others

3 reasons why we are chosen


Improvement experience of
more than 1,500 companies in 40 countries

There must be the shop floor issues that cannot be solved by your own company alone. Improvements and reforms for manufacturing industry to survive, regardless of country or industry, need development of your human resources through practical experiences of improvement, and strengthening of your production system base.


Consulting that shop floor workers
acknowledge our superiority and be pleased

In conventional consulting styles, there was a distance between consultant and the shop floor because it was promoted mainly consultant and management executives. Our consultant can provide a guidance without a distance between consultant and the shop floor through the guidance based on the “seeds of improvement” in a concrete way, instead of “finding fault” like a critic.


Continuous improvement will continue
even after the end of guidance

While strengthening “human resource development”, we focus on the “overall flow” from design to purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, and production control, and provide guidance that matches the actual situation of your company. Continuous improvement will continue even after the end of guidance through the guidance that is acceptable to the shop floor workers.

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with experience in over 40 countries will respond.
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