KOJIMA, Kazuhiro

Digital Innovation/Information Technology Design /Digital Transformation Consultant

A consultant at the forefront of practical implementation, specialized in cutting-edge technologies such as AI, RPA, low-code, IoT, and data science.

With a Master's degree from the University of Tokyo, it is leveraged by profound knowledge and experience to lead in the realms of DX and generative AI. The insights and practical approaches have been recognized and highly esteemed in prestigious forums, including invited lectures at the University of Tokyo's Center for Manufacturing Management and the Japan Warehousing Association.

Field of expertise

Professional industry

3 reasons why we are chosen


Improvement experience of
more than 1,500 companies in 40 countries

There must be the shop floor issues that cannot be solved by your own company alone. Improvements and reforms for manufacturing industry to survive, regardless of country or industry, need development of your human resources through practical experiences of improvement, and strengthening of your production system base.


Consulting that shop floor workers
acknowledge our superiority and be pleased

In conventional consulting styles, there was a distance between consultant and the shop floor because it was promoted mainly consultant and management executives. Our consultant can provide a guidance without a distance between consultant and the shop floor through the guidance based on the “seeds of improvement” in a concrete way, instead of “finding fault” like a critic.


Continuous improvement will continue
even after the end of guidance

While strengthening “human resource development”, we focus on the “overall flow” from design to purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, and production control, and provide guidance that matches the actual situation of your company. Continuous improvement will continue even after the end of guidance through the guidance that is acceptable to the shop floor workers.

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