The TPS Dojo May 2024 In Italy

Following the success of 2023, we held the TPS Implementation Dojo in Italy again in May 2024 with the cooperation of our local partner companies.

Schedule: May 2024, held at 5 locations
Content: TPS Implementation Dojo 1 Day (Hands-on practice with equipment and lectures)
Location: Conducted at company sites and hotel event halls
Participants: 95 (total for 5 sessions)

At the TPS Dojo, participants learn about Toyota’s general approach to manufacturing through lectures and hands-on practice.

This time, a total of 95 participants attended the TPS Dojo at five locations in northern Italy: Padua, Bergamo, Pianico, Turin, and Milan.

▼Day 2 in Bergamo: Scenes from the TPS Dojo

When the dojo was held at a company manufacturing electrical units, we were given a tour of the factory first, which we could reference during the training. Although the venue was cramped, we managed to set everything up just in time. The dojo began with greetings from the president and factory manager, creating a lively atmosphere among the colleagues.

▼A friendly and harmonious atmosphere with participation from one company

On the final day, the original layout had to be changed early in the morning due to the placement of columns in the hotel, which disrupted the workflow.
Although some parts were hard to see because of the columns, we managed to secure walking paths and set everything up to ensure the training proceeded smoothly.

▼Successfully concluded despite overcoming venue troubles

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