The “TPS Kaizen – Taiken DOJO” is the experience-based hands-on training using unique teaching materials for TPS improvement conducted by our instructor at your designated venue such as your factory.

It was developed for customers who wish to nurture leaders to implement TPS improvement without visiting our TPS training center in Toyota-city. It can be carried out anywhere in Japan and even overseas.

In this program, you will experience and acquire fostering eyes to find wastes, methods of improvement, and “awareness”. Also, through the group work, it will enable to share ideas with other people and develop teamwork and communication skills.


Video for introducing the TPS Practice Dojo is available for your better understanding.

Seminar Outline

Title TPS Kaizen – Taiken DOJO (practical training)
Category Improvement
Format Visit client venue (overseas)
  1. Fostering eyes to find wastes(muda)
  2. Principle of Motion Economy
  3. Line Balance
  4. Lot production VS 1 Piece Flow Production
  5. Flexible Production
Schedule by request
Venue Designated by client overseas
Capacity up to 40 participants (contact us for more than 40 participants)
Fee JPY 800,000 (excluding air-fare, transportation, accommodation and translation)/ Text fee included

Seminar Contents

The first day consists of a combination of lectures, practical trainings following the lectures, case studies, and video introductions. On the second day, using the knowledge and experience gained on the first day to assemble a bicycle and check the effects before and after the improvement.

Opening Ceremony, Orientation, Explanation of Purpose
1. 5S
        1-1 Discussion of issues related to Sorting
        1-2 Discussion of issues related to Setting-in-Order
2. Visualization
3. Concise FIFO Management
        3-1 Discussion on issues related to FIFO
        3-2 FIFO management of wagons
4. Find wastes K & H
        4-1 LEGO assembly: line balance and training
        4-2 Wooden screw assembly
        4-3 PET bottle assembly
5. Line productivity improvement
        5-1 Dice assembly
6. One piece flow & multi-process handling
        6-1 CD case assembly
7. Separation of human work and machine work
        Rolling balls
Day 2
8. Standardized work
9. Practical training
        9-1 Instructions for balance-bike assembly
        9-2 Measurement of assembly time
        9-3 Improvement
          a) a) Current state analysis
          b) Extraction of problems
          c) Ideas for improvement
          d) Implementation of improvement
          e) Verification of improvement effect
        9-4 Announcement of results (presented by groups)
        9-5 Review
10. Summary, Q & A
Seminar scene

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