Toyota production system is a benchmark for Japanese companies to achieve. After the course, attendees will have a good comprehension of TPS.

Seminar outline

Title Toyota Production System
Seminar format Web Seminar (Zoom)
Group Training / Japanese-English translation
Day 3 hours ※Please tell us your best day
Target Audience Manufacturing industry leaders Person with TPS interest
Trainer Hirayama Consulting Trainer
Prices 25,000 yen / per person ※From 5 people or more

Seminar content

TPS fundamental aspects and tools for a productivity improvement.
  1. Why TPS
  2. Motive Power for Management Renovation
  3. Management with Emphasis on Genba
  4. 2 pillars of Toyota Production System
  5. Operation Kaizen
  6. Genba (shop floor) control
  7. TPS Cases
  8. Summary

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