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Seminar Overview

title Toyota’s strengths and unique mechanism
Place WEB seminar
Instructor TPS Official Trainer

Seminar Contents

I Toyota’s strengths
I-1 Personnel and labor department
I-2 Finance & Accounting Division
I-3 Purchasing Department
I-4 Sales Department
I-5 Technology and Department
I-6 Production technology and manufacturing
I-7 Company-wide management
II Company-wide Management Mechanism (Toyota’s TQM)
II-1 TQM structure
II-2 TQM activities’ system
II-3 Policy Management
II-4 Daily Management (manufacturing dept.)
II-5 Others Managements
II-6 Activities to improve workplaces vitality
III Toyota Production System
III-1 Introduction
(1) In case TPS didn’t exist
(2) Ultimate form of TPS
III-2 TPS Structure
(1) About Dojo (ground)
(2) Essentials concepts of Monozukuri (manufacturing)
(3) The Two pillars – Just-in-time –
(4) The Two pillars – Jidouka –
(5) The Building and roof of TPS
IV Human Resource Development
IV-1 Basic concepts
IV-2 The three elements of human resource development
IV-3 Building of a motivating workplace
IV-4 Person and workplace supportive Human resource and educational System

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