This workshop (1.5 hours lecture plus ½ an hour Q & A) is designed specifically for the executives and those who value their time.

Seminar outline

Title Executive Time Management, the Lean way… How to gain up to 2-hours more/day
Category Human resource development 
Place Online / ZOOM * Lecturer participates from USA, California
Schedule July 29th , 10:00-12:00 Japan Time, Kuala Lumpur/Singapore/Shangai Hong Kong : 09:00-11:00 , Sao Paulo: 22:00-24:00 Other dates
Teacher Hormoz Mogarei 
Fee 7,700 yen / person (tax included)

Seminar content


Workshop outline
  • 80/20 rule
  • System, Systemic, Systematic
  • Work with a paper or electronic journal (calendar),
  • Multi-tasking?
  • A, B, C, D, E method
  • – Never get tempted to do small and easy things first
    – Goal-achieving Vs. Tension-relieving
    – The REAL motivation comes as a result of completing the important tasks
  • TRAF
  • System, Systemic and Systematic
  • 4Ds; Do, Defer, Delegate or Delete
  • A conducive environment
  • 1) A dynamic to-do-list based on pareto
    2) ID, minimize or eliminate interruptions (Muda)
    3) Acquire do-it-now mentality and eliminate procrastination of doing the “wrong” things!
    4) Multi-task, parallel tasking, Simultaneous tasking
    5) Conduct Hansei regularly
  • Important, urgent, unimportant, not urgent
  • Class exercise: Name as many objects as possible in this world in a systemic & systematic way!
  • Organize, Categorize, prioritize, schedulize, & evaluatize
  • Identify your Major Definite Purpose
  • Precautions
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