Toyota Production System “Good products make profits, good ideas make people”

The sign “Good products, good thoughts” displayed at each Toyota factory means that good products make profits and good ideas make people, and quality control is an important theme.
Also, Toyota’s idea of ​​quality is to build the same high quality car no matter where it is built in the world. It is not made in Japan but “made by Toyota”, and the purpose of this seminar is to understand the concept of quality and to learn quality control methods.

Seminar video explanation

Seminar outline

Title Toyota Production System’s waste-free quality control – February 10
Category Quality 
Venue Online Seminar/ZOOM
Schedule February 10, 2022, 15:00-17:00 (Japan time)
Available by request and for closed groups check other dates
Trainer On-site improvement consultant who have improved various factories in Japan and overseas、
Trainer with career background in Toyota Motor Corporation for 41 years and with a TPS instruction qualification.
Fee JPY 13,750 per person
Minimum groups of 5 people

Seminar Contents

Trainer 1. Toyota’s concept of quality control
  • Quality first / Customer first
  • Philosophy of “self-process completion(JIKOTEIKANKETSU)” which is a method of “autonomation(JIDOKA)”

  • 2. Consistent quality assurance
  • Consistent quality assurance
  • Quality control guidance to suppliers

  • 3. Visualized quality control system
  • Quality check sheet
  • Traceability

  • 4. Eradication of defective products
  • Built-in quality
  • QCMS quality supply chain

  • 5. Daily quality management
  • Role of management supervisor
  • In-line and out-of-line quality check methods and roles
  • Improvement of working environment
  • Origin of equipment maintenance
  • Precautions

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