Toyota way Problem-solving activities are indispensable for the development of a company in all departments and levels.
In this seminar, you will learn the acquire the following techniques:

・Understanding problem-solving procedures-
・Discovering problems and tackling them.

Problem-solving ability is, in other words, improvement ability. The effect of improvement can be improved by implementing and solving the problem reasonably and efficiently.

Seminar outline

Title Toyota way – problem solving (improvement power)
Category Improvement
Schedule periodically and by request Click here for other dates
Venue Online / ZOOM * Lecturer participates from TPS Dojo (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture)
Recommended attendance 20 people
Lecturer TPS official certified trainer
Fee JPY 13,750 per person
Minimum groups of 5 people

Seminar Contents

If you can’t find the problem, there’s no solution. The TPS officially certified trainer who has supported Toyota Motor Corporation’s site for more than 40 years will explain in an easy-to-understand manner what is the problem at the factory and how to solve it.

1. What is a problem?
2. Seven obstacles that hinder problem solving
3. How to proceed with problem solving
4. 10 lessons for problem solving
5. Ideas for finding and improving problems
6. Specific examples of visual management
7. Causes Good and bad cases of pursuit
8. Countermeasures
9. To prevent the problem from recurring

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