The best education online for your new employees starting.
Through pictures and videos of various factories, we have devised ways to keep them from getting bored.
With the feeling of visiting a factory, you can enjoy learning about TPS cost reduction from the basics
and mindset of the manufacturing industry.

It’s interesting for new employees to hear.
It’s interesting for senior employees to hear.
It is interesting even for the Managing Director to hear.

Training for new employees in the manufacturing industry by a TPS officially certified trainer.

Seminar outline

Title Training for new employees: manufacturing industry basics and Mindset
Category Human resource development
Venue Online / ZOOM * Lecturer participates from TPS Dojo (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture)
Schedule periodically and by request Click here for other dates
Recommended attendance 20 people
Trainer(Sensei) TPS official certified trainer with 40 years of experience in Toyota Motor Company (translation for English)
Fee 13,200 yen / person (tax included, text fee included) * Text will be sent by email

Seminar contents

Seminar Contents
09:00-09:40 1. The basics of the manufacturing industry
     ・Purpose of the company
     ・Flow of goods in the factory
     ・Basics of manufacturing
     ・Safety is priority over everything
     ・To Work safely
09:40-10:20 2.5 5S and quality control
     ・Basics and examples of 5S
     ・Pursuing better quality
     ・What is a work standard?
     ・Observing rules
     ・Basics of equipment maintenance
10:30-12:003. Cost reduction in TPS
     ・What is TPS
     ・Types of waste
     ・ Waste hidden in human movements
     ・Basics of JIDOKA (autonomation) and IOTt
     ・Basics of QC circle activities
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Cancellation Policy

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・On the day of the start date of seminar: Cancellation fee 100%
・6days to 1days before the start date of seminar: Cancellation fee 10%

About the minimum number of people

If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the event may be canceled. In the unlikely event that it is canceled, we will contact you one week before the date of the event. If you have already paid the tuition fee, we will refund the tuition fee in full.

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