New Year Greetings / Top Message

We at “HIRAYAMA Consulting” are deeply grateful to have safely welcomed the New Year and owe a great deal of thanks to everyone.

Looking back, this year saw significant changes in the “manufacturing industry environment” as follows:

  1. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and other factors have led to an increase in supply chain disruption risks due to the destabilization of international situations.
  2. The growing global momentum towards achieving decarbonization
  3. The significant labor shortage of approximately 110,000 people, and the increased importance of production cost reduction and appropriate price pass-through due to rising raw material and energy prices
※参考文献: <2023年版ものづくり白書>

Amid such circumstances, the projects requested by our clients were indeed in line with the trends of the times.

  1. In conjunction with changes and expansions of production bases aimed at strengthening the supply chain,“Factory Startup Consulting”
  2. As part of measures against factory aging“Energy Efficiency Improvement Consulting (Factory Utilities Related)”
  3. Aimed at optimizing production costs,“On-site Improvement Consulting”

In the midst of these developments, “HIRAYAMA Consulting” will continue in 2024 with the motto of providing consulting that “reaches the spots our clients cannot scratch themselves.” Our team will unite and move forward together, so we kindly ask for your continued support.

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