New Year Greetings / Top Message

We at “HIRAYAMA Consulting” are deeply grateful to have safely welcomed the New Year and owe a great deal of thanks to everyone. Looking back, this year saw significant changes in the “manufacturing industry environment” as follows: The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and other factors have led to an increase in supply chain disruption […]

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International Virtual Conference

International Virtual Conference: Leading innovation and digital transformation in an Era of Uncertainty Kaizen UAE (Hirayama Consulting partner) is hosting this fantastic event.Kaizen training-UAE glad to invite you to participate with us in our International Virtual Conference for leadership practices entitled “Leading innovation and digital transformation in an Era of Uncertainty” This initiative comes from […]

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Credit card payment now available!

We start to accept credit card payments with PayPal system from February 1st , 2021. When requesting our services, just mention that you want to use credit card for payment in the application form. After we check your application, you will receive an email with the invoice to make credit card payment by PayPal. ★★Services […]

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Website Renewal Notice

Thank you very much for always visiting our website of the Consulting Division, HIRAYAMA Co., Ltd. We renewed our website today. We will continue striving to further enhance the content of our website to provide the latest information in an easy-to-understand manner. Thank you for your continued support. Consulting Division, HIRAYAMA Co., Ltd. […]

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“Free Factory Diagnosis” COVID-19 measures in a factory

Due to COVID-19, the state of emergency has been declared and most companies are corresponding to it by staying home and remote working, but for the factory, remote working is difficult and they need to work at shop floor implementing measures against it. Under such an environment, Hirayama Consulting, while preventing infectious diseases, anticipates various […]

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【Myanmar】Established the local subsidiary
We provide improvement consulting and support your business expansion to Myanmar.

HIRAYAMA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. established a wholly owned subsidiary in Myanmar following Vietnam, Thailand, and China on January 17, 2020 in order to support the overseas expansion of customers that are expanding or are considering to expand business into Asia. We support customers’ overseas expansion in various ways, such as shop floor improvement consulting for […]

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3 reasons why we are chosen


Improvement experience of
more than 1,500 companies in 40 countries

There must be the shop floor issues that cannot be solved by your own company alone. Improvements and reforms for manufacturing industry to survive, regardless of country or industry, need development of your human resources through practical experiences of improvement, and strengthening of your production system base.


Consulting that shop floor workers
acknowledge our superiority and be pleased

In conventional consulting styles, there was a distance between consultant and the shop floor because it was promoted mainly consultant and management executives. Our consultant can provide a guidance without a distance between consultant and the shop floor through the guidance based on the “seeds of improvement” in a concrete way, instead of “finding fault” like a critic.


Continuous improvement will continue
even after the end of guidance

While strengthening “human resource development”, we focus on the “overall flow” from design to purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, and production control, and provide guidance that matches the actual situation of your company. Continuous improvement will continue even after the end of guidance through the guidance that is acceptable to the shop floor workers.

Consultants from major companies
with experience in over 40 countries will respond.
Please feel free to contact us.

If you are in a hurry, please call us.

(Japan time)

Open 08:30 – 17:30
Except for Saturday, Sunday, holidays, Year-End and New-Year holidays