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Ishikawa Hisayoshi

Hisayoshi, Ishikawa

Professional Engineer (Engineering management field)

Technical consultant for production technology, quality control, equipment maintenance and reliability improvement. At the same time as improving manufacturing site, he develops human resources so that improvements can be made continuously at each manufacturing site.

Main work experience

In charge of production engineering and maintenance engineering for the engine production process at an automobile manufacturer
    Production preparation work for new engine and maintenance work of production equipment
    Improvement work for quality and productivity

In charge of trainings at HR division of an automobile manufacturer
    Conduct trainings for engineers and managers
     In charge of basic technical training and management skill training

In charge of human resource development at automotive air conditioner and refrigerated showcase manufacturer
     In charge of trainings according to positions and trainings for executive candidates

Themes working on

Electrical device manufacturing plant
Improvement activity through autonomation (Jidoka)

  • Eliminate wastes of production process through autonomation (Jidoka) – Guidance on shop floor improvement

  • Development of supervisors at manufacturing shop floor
  • Development of supervisors at manufacturing shop floor / Training for further improvement

  • Seminar on improving the reliability of production processes
  • Problem-solving process and equipment management system / Utilization of FMEA and FTA

  • Basic seminar on work process improvement
  • How to proceed with work process analysis / Extraction of wastes by process mapping

  • Automobile parts manufacturing plant
    Quality improvement seminar

  • Causes and countermeasures for quality defects / Mechanism for preventing important defect before it occurs

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