Genba Kaizen Consultant

Akihiro Ito

Tsutomu, Orito

◆Toyota Motor Corporation OB
  Manager, Production Control Dept. at Head office factory / GPC
    GM, Production Control Div. / Logistics Control Div. / GPC

Profit improvements (break away from the deficit) Upon customer’s requests, I have improved domestic and overseas companies, for examples, productivity improvement, quality improvement, products and parts inventory reduction, logistics cost reduction, production lead time reduction, and human resource development for shop floor staff etc.
I also conducted a wide range of seminar courses.

Main career and experience

Toyota Motor Corporation
(37 years)

  • Overall factory production control, Parts purchasing improvement etc.
  • Development and operation guidance of company-wide production control system
  • Introduce and start milk run in the housing sector
  • Startup support for China's first vehicle factory (Sichuan Toyota)
    (Production control / Procurement logistics / System development etc.)

    (6 years)

  • Improvement of parts arrangement system for overseas
  • Production lead time reduction
  • Parts / products inventory reduction, Abnormal AIR cost
  • reduction
  • Logistics cost reduction (Improvement of container loading rate / packing style etc.)
  • Production control of overseas factory/ Improvement guidance of logistics
  • Hirayama
    Working hard as the shop floor improvement consultant in Japan and overseas

    <Major improvement guidance destinations since 2011>
    Camera maker, paper pack maker, palm field and palm oil factory, plastic parts maker, furniture maker, watch parts maker, etc.

    Main improvement guidance destinations overseas

    China, Thailand, Europe, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia

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