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Mitsuru Suzuki

Mitsuru, Suzuki

Former Chief Leader of Vehicle Quality
Production Engineering Division at Toyota Motor Corporation (OB)

A hard-core craftsman on the shop floor who has supported the assembly group and company-wide vehicles BMC of the headquarter plant at the forefront. His strong feeling for the shop floor that he does not compromise attracts people. He has worked as a special skill trainer and currently provides various shop floor trainings and guidance including the Toyota Production System.


Toyota Motor Corporation

  • Work at headquarter plant after graduating from Toyota Technical High School

  • Engage in vehicle assembly of small truck and large truck

  • In charge of human resource development for special skills development in the Assembly Department

  • Practiced and learned “Kanban”, “Intensity”, and “Standard time” while doing production preparation work

  • Support the independence of SE work of overseas subsidiaries and in charge of company-wide BMC activity as a chief leader in the production engineering division

  • Supervise and implement development and support of various human resource development measures for technical workers in the division as a leader

  • Hirayama
    Based on the Toyota Way, aim to strengthen the shop floor especially based on the true productivity improvement and fundamental principle of improvement

    <Training Center>

    Teaching the Toyota Production System with the theme of “standardized work and improvement” to Japanese and international students

    International improvement activity

    Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, North America, China, Italy


    Job training instructor

    Type II Electrician a

    Mass-produced internal combustion engine assembly first-class technician

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